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Baixa Terapia RET

Baixa Terapia

Baixa Terapia

  • Baixa Terapia - RET 2

A Comedy on the Club

Comedy written by the Argentine Matias Del Federico with the direction of Marco Antônio Pâmio, is the newest piece of Antonio Fagundes. Three couples arrive for a therapy session, when they discover that the psychologist has set up so that all issues are resolved in a group. From this comes complaints, confessions, suspicions, revelations, truths and lies in the most sneaky and debauched way.

  • Baixa Terapia QUAD

Play: Baixa Terapia (Low Therapy)

Location: TUCA

Season: From March 17

Address: R. Monte Alegre, 1024 - Perdizes, São Paulo - SP