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Ubu Rei


Ubu Rei

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Marco Nanini returns to the stage with fierce political satire

The action of the play takes place in Poland, that is, "nowhere," as Jarry stated at the performance of the play, which premiered in 1896 at the Louvre Theater in Paris. In fact, what interested him was to provoke the bourgeois audience, confronting it with its own evil: man with no scruples, besides coward and corrupt, Father Ubu assassins King Wenceslaus to usurp the throne of Poland.

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Play: "Ubu Rei" (King Ubu)

Season: from 05/18/2017 to 06/25/2017

Theater: Sesc Pinheiros

Address: R. Pais Leme, 195 - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 05424-150