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Edifício Martinelli

Martinelli Building

  • Martinelli MAIN_2


The Italian immigrant Giuseppe Martinelli, who arrived in Brazil in 1889, wanted to leave a more lasting legacy of his work, in addition to his successful shipping company based in Santos.

With authorship project of the Hungarian architect, William Fillinger, construction began in 1924. At the time, Sao Paulo had very few buildings with more than 5 floors.This fact gave an extremely controversial air to the work of Comendador Martinelli.

All cement construction was brought from Sweden and Norway directly by the importing company Comendador. More than 600 workers worked in the work, and the detailed finish was in charge of 90 Spanish and Italian artisans.

  • Martinelli HISTORIA

Before it has been completed, the Martinelli Building already occupied the status of 'icon' of the city. When the Zeppelin flew over the city in 1933, he strolled around the Martinelli.

The building reached 30 floors, and the initial plans called "only" 12 floors. The grandeur of the work, however, led serious financial problems to the Comendador who in 1934 was forced to sell the building to the government of Italy.

Decay - Horror Scenario

  • Martinelli Terror

A number of factors triggered the building's process of decay during the 1960s and early 1970s.

Low-income families began to occupy it giving it an air of vertical favela. A real horror film scenario is configured as the elevators stopped working and the waste left to be collected starting to accumulate in the ventilation shafts - a savor of death took the entire building.

Added to this the occurrence of several murders, including the most famous was the Davilson boy, raped, strangled and thrown into the elevator shaft. The killer was never found.


  • Martinelli INTERIOR

Reopened in 2010 and full of public unions and offices offices, the beautiful color pink terrace follows the schedule of employees: Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and from 14h to 16h. On Saturdays, open from 9 am às15h and, because of the public's bike lane, went on to open the gazebo on Sundays from 9h to 13h.

After years of glory and decay, the building on Rua Libero Badaro now belongs to the city hall and is home to various organs of the municipality.

Address: R. São Bento, 405 - Downtown, CEP: 01011-100

Phone: (11) 3101-7397

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