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Galeria do Rock 03

Galeria do Rock

Galeria do Rock

  • Galeria do Rock 03

Traditional point of Rock'N'Roll and alternative culture

Founded in 1963 as Great Mall Galleries, the - nicknamed by regulars - "Galeria do Rock" (Rock Gallery) is the meeting point of several "tribes" in the center of São Paulo.

Located between Rua 24 de Maio, 62 and the Largo do Paissandu (Avenida São João), has 450 shops, especially for trade in products related to rock and other musical styles.

  • Galeria do Rock 01

In almost every story there are tattoo parlors (more than ten in total) and, on the mezzanine, a shop entirely dedicated to the Beatles products, with the most varied items - pens and mugs to bags and biscuit dolls - the Beatles 4ever.

  • Galeria do Rock 02

Customers - mostly young people - know that there are products which are just there as a wide variety of backpacks with support for skating, tennis all models, rare records, band t-shirts, among many other things.

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Galeria do Rock

Rua Vinte e Quatro de Maio, 62 – República

Phone: (11) 3337-2361


The Galeria do Rock is located just 6 minutes (walk) from Hotel Castelar. When in São Paulo stay with us and don't miss this important landmark of the city!

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